ice treats for hens

Ice Treats

Hen ice treats are easy to make and great for keeping hens cool on a hot day!  Hens can’t sweat so on hot days they can become overheated.  They pant and hold their wings out from their body to let the air flow through but this may not be enough to cool them down.  Your icey treats are just the trick!
How to make them:

Sprinkle a little mash or seed into ice cube trays, fill with water and put in the freezer.

Once frozen, remove from the tray and place into a container you can keep in your freezer ready to serve!

Every hot day, give your hens this icy treat in the shade on the ground or in a bowl.

Here are some other cooling treat ideas:

Frozen banana circles, cold mango, cold watermelon slices.

What’s your hens favourite hot day treat?
PS.  Check out our ‘hot weather’ posts for more tips about looking after your hens in hot weather.

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