We give a cluck!

Your Support Matters!✨We’re on a mission to rescue and rehome chickens in need, but we can’t do it alone. Your generous donations fuel our efforts, providing food, shelter, and medical care for our feathered friends. Every contribution makes a difference, bringing warmth to cold beaks and joy to battered wings.

Creating a World Where Every Feathery Friend Finds A Loving Home

Join us in making a lasting impact! Whether you choose to donate, volunteer your time, or spread the word, your involvement is a vital part of our rescue journey. Together, we can create a world where every chicken has a chance to flourish. Ready to make a difference? Explore the ways you can lend a helping wing below and be a hero for hens today!

Alternatively donate with PayPal

Alternative ways to help out our featheyr friends.


Just type in your donation amount via the below link and follow the prompts.

Bank Transfer

Wanna go old school and send money without the bells and whistles? No worries – get in touch with Julie and she’ll send you the details.

How your support helps our girls

Your support goes beyond a simple act of kindness; it’s a lifeline for our feathery companions. When you contribute to WGAC, you’re not just donating; you’re transforming the lives of our hens. Your generosity ensures that each girl receives meticulous care – from being wormed and protected against lice and mites to undergoing thorough health checks. Most importantly, your support grants a new beginning to once-battered battery hens, offering them the opportunity to live a life filled with the love and care they truly deserve. Together, we’re rewriting their stories, one feather at a time. Thank you for being a mother clucker!

Health checked


Lice and mite protected

Sweet battery hen girl that can finally live the life she deserves!

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