Who Gives a Cluck

 We are a registered Australian charity that rescues & rehomes hens from the egg laying industry and provides advice to backyard hen owners on all things hens!




By wearing our ethical fashion.

Getting Involved

Save a Chook

Are you a Mother Clucker?

Hen Parent, Mother Clucker, Chook Carer!  No more name calling!  Let’s get you approved as a Mother Clucker now.   As long as you have a recent photo of your hen coop and your hen area, please click on the link below so we can give you the big thumbs up for hen parentdom!

Can you be a Volunteer?

We can only increase the number of rescues we do as we grow the number of our volunteers. We need volunteers on the ground, helping with rescues and in many areas of the business, from social media to volunteer co-ordination.  Please consider being a volunteer to help in any way that suits you.

What we do

in an eggshell

Rescuing Chooks

“It’s the worst part about what I do.” – egg farmers.

We work with egg farm owners, collecting all their hens at the time when they would’ve culled them at around two years of age, when  they are no longer commercially viable because they don’t lay an egg every day!  The egg farmers happily tell their customers that all their hens find forever homes!

Finding Chooks Their Forever Home

“Every chook deserves a happy retirement!” – every hen.

It is important these rescued hens go to their forever homes, where they will be cared for, egg or no egg. We have an approval process for hen parents now affectionately called ‘Mother Cluckers!’ 


Some Cluckin Numbers

Hens rescued and rehomed


What’s Happening Calendar


HEN RESCUES. We will be rescuing 400 hens in August. Hoping to deliver them a collection point in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Mullumbimby so can support all of our Mother Cluckers (hen parents) with some sweet hen girls. Check out the Hen Rescues Page for more details.

Questions?  Ask away!